Setup different MFA options for different applications under same account


I have 2 applications under same account (2 client ids)
for application 1, I only want SMS for MFA
for application 2, I want push notification and SMS

how can i set up them?


  1. in [Dashboard > Security > Multi-factor Auth], I have enabled push notification and SMS (Phone Message)
  2. i use rule to turn MFA on for some of the users

Thank you


Hey there!

Not sure if it’s doable to be honest. Let me research our docs and get back to you once I find something.

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay in response. I managed to look through our docs and it seems like there might be a way to do it although officially our docs doesn’t say that.

You can also customize your MFA flow with Auth0 rules to only require MFA in specific circumstances or force a particular factor to be used.

You can potentially try using client name to disable the MFA or enable that maybe.


Have you tried applying such hack and seeing if it works?

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