Migrate users from ASP.NET Membership Database

We have several applications which currently use ASP.NET Membership Provider - ASP.NET Membership and Role Provider - CodeProject.

We want to now move to OAuth based implementation. However we want the current user passwords to be preserved while migrating to OAuth.

Does Auth0 support or provide any tools which will facilitate extracting the current passwords from ASP.NET membership database and port into Auth0?

If you want the process to be completely transparent for the end-users (no password resets) then the recommendation would be to leverage a database connection with migration enabled. This would imply that end-user would be migrated to Auth0 (while maintaining their current password) upon the first login operation; this would require that the current infra-structure (or at least a trimmed down version of it) would be kept in place until all end-users are migrated (which would be roughly equivalent to all end-user having performed at least one login).