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Change password workflow after automatic migration from custom db turned on



How is the Change Password workflow supported after automatic migration ( is turned on. The custom database (identity provider) in this instance is the ASP .NET Membership Provider. Change Password currently works by redirecting the user to a reset password page (Not hosted on Auth0). Once automatic migration of users is turned on, how does Auth0 support the user being directed to the Auth0 change password function if the user is already migrated. When the user has not currently been migrated and they elect to reset their password how would Auth0 support the logic of redirecting them to the existing reset password page?



@jmangelo @prashant @thameera or anybody? Auth0 has given us until about Mar-April to get this migration done, as we don’t have the need for an enterprise subscription at the moment. So getting this answered would be great.


Have you figured out a way to achieve this? Currently have the same scenario to deal with, in terms of handling a reset password scenario where a user hasn’t been migrated to the auth0 store