MFA Enrollment Page - No Back Button After Selecting 'Trouble Scanning'

Problem statement

The TOTP enrollment screen features a Trouble Scanning button. When pressed, the user can view the TOTP secret code in text format instead of a QR code. However, there is no “Back” button on this screen. Therefore, once the user presses Trouble Scanning, they are unable to return to the screen with the QR code.

The browser’s “back” button is not functioning effectively.


This is the expected behavior. Once the Trouble Scanning option is used, the intention is for the user to follow that flow to obtain an OTP rather than scan the QR code.


If this Trouble Scanning button is pressed by accident, a new authentication attempt will be necessary.

There is a slight workaround where if two or more MFA factors are enabled, there will be a Try Another Method button available on the Trouble Scanning page that will allow users to select the OTP option again. This is not possible with only one MFA factor configured.