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Hi I’m new to this community. I’m trying to work with the email templates, and working on the mfa template email. I finally got the variables to populate with user data, however I am having a bit of trouble finding the url to redirect to when user is enrolling in MFA. In my password reset template I used “{{ url }}” in my and it works like a charm. However this does not work for the MFA email template. I’ve looked all through the docs, and stackoverflow and haven’t been able to find the answer.

Where can this url be found?

Hey there @phyllis!

Not sure yet but let me find it out and get back to you!

Thank you, I look forward to hearing back.

Any word on whether there is a specific variable that the mfa is looking for fot the redirect url?

Not yet. I will inform you once i have the info back from the team.


Thank you for your response. I’m hoping to get a time estimate on when I will hear back. What is the typical turnaround time for support requests? I submitted a support ticket via the web app 2 days ago, and haven’t received a response other than the standard, we will get back to you email. Is there a better method of getting support?

Hey there @phyllis!

Can you let me know via private message what is your tenant name so I can check for that support ticket you opened? Cause it seems that we’re duplicating each other’s efforts. Thank you!

Have you had a chance to look through this docs of our regarding your case?

@konrad.sopala yes I looked through the documentation, and I am using an email template. I still need to pass in a variable for the MFA url, and nothing seems to work. I must be missing something, or the documentation is not clear. How can I get support getting this resolved?

If you are on a developer tier or above you can open a support request. If you’re using a free account then we’ll here to help you (what I’m trying to do). Can you tell me one more thing about whhich template you’re talking:

  • Enroll in Multifactor Authentication or
  • Verification Code for Email MFA?

we are using Enroll in Multifactor Authentication with the new login experience. With the Change Password template, we added a button to the html, and we pass the template variable {{ url }} to the url property, and your platform populates it with a unique url for each request. This is the desired behavior for the MFA email template.

When I use that same template variable strategy, the platform does not populate the template with a clickable url. I have tested just using ‘’ as the url, and still the button is not clickable.

We are on the developer tier. I can open a support ticket, my previous support ticket was never answered. My support request was resolved via the community board. This is the reason for my confusion as to how to request technical support with this specific service.

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@dan.woda is this something you have knowledge about and can help with?

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