MFA Custom Template Email - Link Already Used


I am trying to set up the MFA Custom Email template and it behaves similarly to SSO issue.

Sometimes, when the Outlook client is used, the link for the “Enroll in Multifactor Authentication” email seems to be already used. The reason why I’m saying this is because it says that the link is already used (in the browser) when the users try to open it for the first time. The issue randomly appears without a consistent reproduction case - for some of the users it works just fine, for others it doesn’t.

Currently, in our Enroll in Multifactor Authentication email template, we are using just plain text with an anchor that has rel=‘noopener noreferrer’ attribute for the clickable URL.

Did anybody encounter this issue in the past? Is there a different way to implement a custom template without ending up with the same issue?

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Hi @rares.f,

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I think this may be due to Outlooks link previewing. It looks like some users have suggested using a button instead of a link to prevent the preview.

Please let us know if this works for you!