E-mail confirmation flow is triggering MFA enroll routine but it wasn't expect to do it

I’m having a problem on e-mail confirmation by link routine.
When I click over “confirm e-mail” using a custom template it is triggering MFA enroll routine with a black blank screen but I didn’t turned on MFA.

Can anyone help me? It started automatically.

Hey there @blockey !

Hmm, could you share more on the bank screen? (Like a URL, just after removing any sensitive data).

By any change, have you enabled the guardian_mfa_page.enabled?

Providing a custom Multifactor Authentication Page HTML overrides the default hosted page and forces the Classic experience for MFA. See Customize MFA with Classic Universal Login for more information.

Or have you switched from the Classic Login Page (with a custom mfa page enabled) to the new universal login page?