User dont get MFA success screen after MFA enrollment

user is not getting a MFA-enroll-result page after enrolling in to Multifactor authentication. We have a user flow where we are forcing user to perfrom enrollment during the first time login.

after successful MFA enrollment user is not getting a below MFA success page:

There are no Custom templates used. We are using action for MFA enrollment.

Hey there!

In order to let us help you can you share more technical details regarding your implementation?

@konrad.sopala Sure. We are using an action for post login, where the user is redirected to a optional custom page. this is a simple page which asks the user whether they want to enable MFA or not. It captures the response and stores it in user’s Metadata as mfachoice attribute. based on the mfachoice value, Auth0 with trigger MFA enrollment.
using the following API method

if (userEnrolledFactors.length === 0 && (event.user.user_metadata.mfachoice===true)) {

User steps:

  1. User will enter username and password on auth0 page
  2. Gets redirected to custom page. Choose to enable MFA and gets redirected back to auth0 endpoint
  3. user will enroll to multifactor authentication
  4. User gets redirected back to application page.

between 3rd and 4th step, User should get a success MFA screen after enrollment. but user dont get that screen.

@konrad.sopala do you need any additional details? do you have any update on this?