How can we prompt for MFA enrolment in a rule or post authentication?

Hi there. We have a use case where we need to enable MFA only for a set of users. We are not giving any option on UI for a user to enroll for MFA. Rather, we want to do this automatically in a rule where we decide if a particular user belongs to the set of users (who has MFA enabled). So our approach is like:

  1. Create a rule.
  2. Inside the rule, fetch the user metadata having a key like useMFA.
  3. if useMFA is true, prompt user for MFA enrollment else
  4. return the user profile.

The main issue is here we don’t know how to prompt the user for enrollment in a rule.
Any suggestions would be helpful.


You can redirect flow to any of your desire link after user has been authenticated successfully. Please follow the below link:

Please provide feedback if it help.

Thanks for your response. I will check this out and let you know.


Perfect! We’re here for you!

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