Skip MFA enrollment page in classic universal login

I do not want the users to be prompted for enrolling in MFA. Rather I want them to be auto enrolled using the phone number available in the user_profile.

I tried to create a custom action to do this after login using the mfa/associate api. This however needs a mfa_token to go through.
I did call /oauth/token, but it gives just the error 403-MFA required. But I am not able to extract the mfa_token from the error.

Is there any way to auto enroll the users for MFA(SMS) using the number in the userprofile/custom database

Hi @antomi,

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You should be able to create a new, verified enrollment with the POST /api/v2/users/{id}/authentication-methods endpoint: Auth0 Management API v2.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. this works and I am able to see the enrolled factors

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Great, thanks for the update.

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