MFA email template application variables incorrect

I am trying to configure the email template for MFA email (code). When I use any of the common variables, such as or application.clientId, the substituted values are those from the “global” (tenant) client and not for the client that has initiated the login flow. Is this intended? How do I get the correct application name to show up?

Anywhere else I use these variables in email templates they behave properly. If it matters, I am using universal login with no custom pages. I am however using custom-text/prompts. The values populated for fields such as ${clientName} are behaving properly, so I would expect the variables in the MFA email triggered from the same login window to have the same values (and not those from the global client)

Anyone have any thoughts?

I am getting around it momentarily by hardcoding the application name. This will only work so long as I have a single app/client, which isn’t going to be for very long.