Questions regarding Customizing Email Templates


I’m trying to customize the email templates in the system and making use of the custom variables.

2 questions:

  • we have two applications. Do the customizations apply to both applications at the same time? The UI seems to indicate the template is for both, which makes branding each application challenging.

  • I’m trying to use the custom variable {{ }}, but it seems it is taking the tenant’s name instead of the application name. Am I missing something?


I got the answers to my questions. Yes the template is for all applications and {{}} only displays the tenant name when testing out the email. The application name is correct when used within the platform.

I did run into other issues with custom variables: org logo url, primary branding colors and page background colors all return an empty value. Why would they be empty?

Is there a custom variable for the application’s logo url?

Hi @david31 ,

This doc has the list of variables that can be used to customize the email template.

To use the following variables, we need to log in through organization. Could you please share more context regarding how you log in and where you call them?

  • organization.branding.logo_url
  • organization.branding.colors.primary
  • organization.branding.colors.page_background

And currently, we don’t have a custom variable for the application’s logo URL when customizing the email template.


Hi Lihua, I have seen the documentation. It makes sense for the variables not populating for the organization variables since our users login at the application level.

What would be useful in our case is to have the application logo URL since each application has it’s own logo/branding. Is there plan to make the application’s logo available to the email template similarly to how the is?

Hi @david31 ,

I understand that you need the feature of using application’s logo URL in the email template. Please communicate your idea/use case with our Product team via the feedback page.


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