Providing get URL to redirect from POST MFA setup

Feature: URL to redirect after MFA enrollment.

Description: For now Auth0 provides postActionURL when we use a custom MFA template but the problem with that is the provided URL should be a POST request. It would be really great if there were an option to give the GET request URL too.

Use-case: So we have implemented a custom MFA template which is used when we send an enrollment email via auth0 dashboard but once the user is done with the setup it is just stuck there. We want to redirect users to the login screen post successful MFA setup but there is no way to do that as of now because auth0 provides postActionURL only but our login API serves only GET requests. It would be really great if auth0 provides an option for GET and POST both.

Hey there!

Thank you a lot for creating this feedback card! Let’s see if there are other users interested in such improvement as well!

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Thank you so much Konrad :smiley:

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