Redirect rule during MFA encrollment

I want to allow a user to enroll themselves with an MFA authenticator and would rather NOT use an email. I have the /api/v2/guardian/enrollments/ticket working correctly and they scan the QR code and proceed. When they have finished I want to return them to my screen and I can’t find a way to redirect. I see an older post [Success Redirect after User MFA enrollment using ticket] about this too but can’t find any changes to support this.

It also looks like there is a way to perform redirect in a rule but I can’t find a way to start this - ideally from the prompt: mfa with Key enrolledTitle but I can’t find where this would be in a rule, nor how I would redirect based on different sites for dev / test / prod using the same tenant.

Any assistance would be appreciated

Have you tried changing the postActionURL when creating the new Auth0MFAWidget in Branding > MFA page section?

postActionURL: “http://mysite/page1”,

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Thanks for suggesting that @npatel !