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MFA bug - involuntarily enrollment



In the last step of activating MFA on my account I decided to abort.
This resulted in my account having MFA activated anyway. So there is some inconsistency when enrolling for MFA in that you can abort, but your account still being involuntarily enrolled.
My problem is that I deleted my Guardian app, and I did not record the security code since I understood that MFA was never enabled. And now I’m unfortunately locked out from my account.
How can I regain access to my account again?


I’m assuming that you refer to your account as a dashboard admin, but if you can confirm that would be great. The reason I ask is because the actions to be taken are slightly different depending on if it’s a dashboard admin account or an end-user account on a specific tenant/domain.


Hi, correct, it’s as a dashboard admin. Sorry for not including this from start.


Hi @patrik.lermon would you mind sending me the email that needs MFA reset to please? Thanks :slight_smile: