Metadata Size Limits

I checked the docs regarding Metadata Size Limits…

Currently, Auth0 limits the total size of your user metadata to 16 MB. However, when using Rules and/or the Management Dashboard, your metadata limits may be lower.

It is not clear if this is a per user or per account value. I’d like to think its per user, but the comment regarding Rules makes it seem like it might be overall per account. I want to confirm.

Additionally, I searched for application metadata, but was not able to find anything on that. What is the limit for app metadata, and how if at all is it related to user metadata regarding limits?

Checking in crew-auth

The metadata limits are per user. The lower limits in Rules are due to Rules running in a Webtask context with a memory limit. Metadata is primarily for authentication and authorization information - if you are storing lots of business information and exceeding the size limits in your Rules, you might be better served to store this in your own database and fetch it using an identifier (e.g. user_id).

The lower limits in dashboard are to prevent degraded performance from having to pull potentially 16MB.

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