What is the maximum size of user_metadata and app_metadata profiles

Problem Statement

What is the maximum supported size of Auth0 User Profile with user_metadata, app_metadata, identities(Enterprise SAML/Social), OTP, etc? Does it vary b/w Public and Private tenants?


Both the user_metadata and app_metadata are constrained to be 16MB in size. Note that you should only store essential data items in these profiles and under no circumstances should they be used as general-purpose data stores. This doc explains the best practice.

For performance reasons, you should set 16kB as the upper practical limit for user_metadata and app_metadata.

In general, only identity-related content should be stored in the user profile. For content configuration items, we recommend storing them externally. And you can access it during authentication using a rule, or directly from the app. Please be noted that this could add significant latency if they contain large amounts of non-essential data.