Limit data of user meta data

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I tried to save an array object with over 100 items to user metadata below:

   items: [
        id: "641bcf9b30b53794bc527f8d",
        name: "role01",
       code:  "ZsgQNdjcgcZ12hIHg0LQVHucN7e0tqhj",

My array is over 100 items and I have over 500 characters at the field items. But I can save it on my user metadata and claim JWT at Auth0 Rules.

Please tell me why the Auth0 is so saveable or am I misunderstanding the documentation
Understand How Metadata Works in User Profiles ?


As per Metadata Field Names and Data Types > Size limits and storage:

The app_metadata and user_metadata fields have a combined maximum limit of 16 MB total per user. There is no limit to the number of properties that may be stored in these fields.

The 10 string fields whose values do not exceed 500 characters each limit only apply when a user is created using the /dbconnections/signup endpoint.

I hope this explains it!

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