Mapping Name Fields

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We are having an issue getting our login up and integrated. We would greatly appreciate some help! We we are currently using Auth0 on our main page where the purchase of the SaaS is made and then using it to connect the user to thinkific where the course is placed. The main issue that we seem to be heading is that thinkific requires a first and last name field to be filled for account creation. We understand that this can be done with the universal login page, but it feels clunky compared to the embedded page and seemingly takes the user elsewhere which could be alarming to a customer. We are hoping someone knows of a way to map these name fields in a way that would work with thinkific so that we can use the embedded option instead of the universal login

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Yes, that is correct, the recommended approach is to configure the FirstName and LastNameadditionalSignupFields. Here is a FAQ that goes into more detail below:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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