Management users list return a UsersPage with a null total

I’m using the auth0 1.13.3 java library.
the following code returns a userPage object with items(users), but the start, length, total(…) are null.

    int pageNumber = 0;
    int pageSize = 10;
    UsersPage usersPage = managementAPI.users()
                                       .list(new UserFilter().withPage(pageNumber, pageSize))

it seems that the api works ok, but I’d like to get the total also.

Hi @avibh,

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So you are receiving a list of users but you are getting a null value for length? Can you show me how you are calculating the length, total, etc.?


Hi @dan.woda,
I"m not calculating those values, I expect to get them from the auth0 service.

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Okay I see what you are saying. I think I might have found the problem as well.

It looks like you need to request the totals. Try to add withTotals to your UserFilter param.

Here is the source code.

Let me know how that goes.


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seems to do the trick.
thanks @dan.woda

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Glad you were able to figure it out! GL

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