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Paging the List Users query


I just signed up for a trial account at Auth0. I’m testing out the REST APIs. Currently looking at the List Users query (…/api/v2/users). I’m not very experienced with REST APIs so I have a question about the best way to page the results.

When I add the parameter include_totals to the query, a summary is returned in the response in addition to users. Fields I get are start, limit, length and total.

Can someone give me summary what these fields mean? I assume limit is the number of records/users to return per page? I saw it could be modified by sending the parameter per_page.
Also I assume total means total users available to return.
What about start and length?




Hi @morten.gabrielsen,

  • start - index of the first result in the current page (0 for the first item on the first page, 0+limit for the first item on the second page, etc.)
  • limit - number of results to return per page (max 100)
  • length - number of results on the current page (equal to limit except on the last page where it is <= limit)
  • total - total number of results in the query (max 1,000)
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Thanks! Makes sense.

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