auth0-java mgmt api to get full list of users

I am attempting to get all 180 users from my api call to the mgmt api. All I am getting is 50 please help

private UsersPage getUsersPage() {
    try {
        TokenHolder execute = authAPI.requestToken(auth0Audience).execute();
        ManagementAPI managementAPI = new ManagementAPI(auth0Domain, execute.getAccessToken());<UsersPage> list = managementAPI
                .list(new UserFilter());
        return list.execute();
    } catch (Auth0Exception exception) {
        // request error
    return null;

The underlying endpoint being called (users search) is paginated so it does not return all users in the same response so additional requests would be required. In addition, depending on the amount of users that endpoint may not be most suitable (for the case of 180 users you could increase page size to the maximum of 100 and perform two requests, for significant user count you may want to take in consideration user export).