Include total in the get user list api is always returning the vale as 1000 instead of the correct total

on calling the below management api i always give the total as 1000 though there are more than 1000 users
auth0.users.list( page=0, per_page=100, sort=None, connection=None, q=None,
search_engine=None, include_totals=True, fields=None,

@SelvaPrasad Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

This is a published limitation of the get users endpoint:

Alternatives are also mentioned.

Sidharth Chaudhary

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Thanks Sidharth for providing the info on limitations and workaround!

Thanks Sidharth! i still feel returning the total as 1000 is misleading though it is documented as a limitation. hope this gets fixed at least wrt to the count


Will make sure to relay that feedback!

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