Management API support for managing tenant members

Every time we set up a tenant we look for this feature. It is important security wise that we can ensure access and permissions are set up correctly. The manually process is difficult to audit and is error prone.

+1 It feels only natural, I was surprised it’s possible to fully automate almost everything except tenants.

Thank you for adding this feedback. I’ll make sure to advocate for it once again to our product managers!

+1 Would help handle the situation if the tenant administrators block themselves!

Thanks for adding your +1 to it Benjamin!

+1 Would love to see this endpoint added, and support added to the deploy cli to simplify and automate admin tasks.


+1 we need this to automate our security process

Thank you for adding your +1s and context to this feedback card!

+1 - we would like to automate our access audit and security process

Thanks for providing your +1 on this!