Management API support for managing tenant members

+1 we chose Auth0 to handle our user management and it is hard to scale without automation already now that we are past 10 tenants. Any idea how soon will this feature will available along with API for creation of tenant itself.

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+1 . This is a must have feature for management of tenant admins.

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Hey there team!

Finally got good news! It’s on our roadmap to be delivered for Q3 2023!


Is this still on track for this quarter?


what is the status of this feature?

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YES ! and the terraform provider should follow

Yes, my organization is very much interested in this feature. We would like to automate creation of tenant members as well as limit the permissions of “User Editors” to resetting MFA only. Currently the dashboard does not allow this functionality.

I would be very much interested in the status update of this feature. It is very important for our client.

Very much interested in this feature release as well.

@konrad.sopala Management API support for managing tenant members is available now? I can’t see anything related to this into Management API v2 documentation.

+1 to all the requests. IMHO This feature would save some significant operational cost of managing tenant members manually for many if not most of Auth0 customers. Any update would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Yes please, we need that.

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Q42023 is halfway over. I don’t see any reference to Tenant Members in the Management API docs.
What is the status of this?

+1 This feature would be really useful

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Yes, the APIs to manage the tenant members and also having them available via the Terraform provider would be very nice.

I was really surprised that this feature doesn’t exist yet.

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API is the first thing that is generally made available in this age of Automation. I wondered Auth0 doesn’t have API to manage the tenant members. Hope Okta will start focussing on these gaps with the platform

We also need this feature to integrate with Vanta for certification reasons.

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+1 It’s crazy that this doesn’t exist yet. It has been an open request for over 2 years.

I am able to automate the capture of audit data for every other app in our org that I need to, except for this one. So sad. :frowning_face:

+1 this is critical for compliances.