Management API Logging Incomplete

The Auth0 Logs page states:

Set up automatic log scanning to check for rate limit errors so that you can proactively address activity that hits rate limits before it impacts your users.

I’ve attempted to do this by setting up streaming to New Relic. However, I noticed that there are some endpoints like Get User where no logs are generated. Without consistent logging for each API call, it is impossible to scan logs to proactively address rate limits before they are hit.

Please either:

  • Add warning logs when rate limit hits specific thresholds (80% - 90% - 95%)
  • Ensure every single endpoint that counts against the rate limit generates a log message that can be consumed via log streaming

Hi @shaun.titus,

Thank you for creating this detail feedback request.

Let’s hope it attracts as many votes as possible.

Have a good day!