Add error logging when rate limit is reached for Management API

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Add logging and trigger api_limit event when rate limit is reached

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We’d like to be notified when the rate limit is reached as this can lead to a production outage if caught late. Rather than us building out our solution/layer over auth0, we’d like to be able to subscribe to the existing api_limit event or perhaps a new event that would give us the following when we get 429:

  • client_id
  • management endpoint that was hit
  • should take into account all management api endpoints

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We’d be able to build precise alarms and immediately pinpoint the culprit/root cause of who is abusing the rate limits. With hundreds of applications defined on our end, this would be incredibly useful for us.

From our last support ticket, this is the immediate feedback I received:
“I totally agree that being able to see that on the tenant logs will be super useful, based on my understanding, there are several reasons that do not make it possible now, but could make a great feature request”


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