Management API - Deleting a user

I am trying to delete a user, using the latest version of the .Net SDK.

My code looked like this

var managementApi = new ManagementApiClient(accessToken, new Uri(url), httpClient);
await managementApi.Users.DeleteAsync(userId);

I have tried the userId in both the auth0|5d3f1f14f1b9160c… and 5d3f1f14f1b9160… formats

With both I get the response invalid json

Can anyone provide any advice?

Hey there @robdavey555!

I’m not a .Net guy unfortunately but let me dig into this part of the stack and get back to you with the answer!

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Any luck with why I am getting the invalid json error?

Hey there @robdavey555!

Terribly sorry for such delay in response but I must have overlooked the whole queue and didn’t find it among other topics. Let me get back to the core topic.

So the thing here is that you should use the value after the | sign (without the auth0 at the beginning) which you claim you have tried. In the latter one you mentioned everything should be right there.

If you haven’t handled that in the meantime can you open a GitHub issue in appropriate repo and then share the link here so we can work on that directly with the tool maintainer? That will be the most effective way. Thank you!