Error when trying to create user

Hello, when I’m trying to create a user via management api using the auth0 SDK for .NET, I’m getting this error:

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<pre>Cannot POST /users</pre>

This is the code:

    var token = await _authService.GetToken();

     var client = new ManagementApiClient(token, new Uri(_configuration["Auth:Domain"]));

      await client.Users.CreateAsync(new UserCreateRequest
           Email = request.Email,
           FullName = request.Email,
           Password = _configuration["Auth:DefaultPassword"],
           EmailVerified = false

And I allowed all the scopes on my API

If someone needs more information to investigate, let me know.


Hey there @lucasrocha!

Unfortunately I don’t have .NET experience apart from waiting for response here I suggest raising a GitHub issue in appropriate repo so that the tool maintainers can address your issue more reactively?

Thank you!

were you able to resolve the issue. I am stuck at similar issue as well…

Update: Resolved.
instead of uri i passed just the domain into the constructor of the management api. that resolved it for me. Hope this helps others.

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Thank you @mmohanan for sharing it with the rest of community!

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