User CRUD via ManagementApi via .Net7


Looking for GitHub examples of how to use----

            var client = new ManagementApiClient()
            Auth0UserMetaData metadata = Auth0UserMetaData.FromJSON(user.UserMetadata);
            var response = await client.Users.UpdateAsync()

This seems way harder to find than it should be.


Hi @jim.dunn,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

You should call the client.users.update() method to update a user.

Here are all the operations:

Let me know if you have any questions.


But this looks to be a NodeJs solution, I need ASP.NET Core .Net 7 solution.

So … are we saying that there is no dotnet C# ASP.NET Core .Net7 solution ?

Hi @jim.dunn,

You can find the .NET version on our Management API documentation.

On those pages, there is a dropdown for different languages. You can select C# and copy the code snippets.

Yeah, I’ve seen that example…it looks more like a training example, looks to be not for production use.

I think this is what I need … I hope there are some examples.

Hi @jim.dunn,

Thanks for the update.

Let me clarify that the Management API documentation I shared above is not a training example and is used for production. It is the core of how our SDKs request the backend Management API.

As for your screenshot, you can refer to the documentation for CRUD operations for the user below:

There are details on how to craft your request using the Auth0.ManagementApi .NET library.

Please let me know if you have any issues with this step of the process. I’d be happy to share an example.