Machine to Machine token limitation per app

is there a way to limit applications to not consume more than X amount of access tokens per day?
Let’s say I have an App that is getting 200 Machine to Machine access tokens per day. I want to limit this app to not being able to get more than 20 tokens per day. Is this possible?


Hi @rihards.kenigs

There is not a built-in way to achieve this. Do you have control over the app? If so, make sure it caches the access tokens and doesn’t just get a new one every time it needs.

If you don’t have control over the app, a proxy solution may be required - where the app asks for a token from the proxy, and the proxy either does caching or limiting or both.


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Hi @john.gateley
thank you for the quick response.
We don’t have control over the app. But thanks for the advice.