Lost password, can't recover

I have a auth0 account (well more than 1, but 1 is problematic) and I lost the password to log in. When I click the link to get a

so, I wasn’t finished and it already sent my question…, so, here I go again:

I cannot recover my password:

  1. put my email in the email/username box
  2. click on Don't remember your password?
  3. click on Send email
  5. no email in inbox, spam, …, even after 1hour.

What am I missing?

… oh, and I’m sure I’ve got the right account. I have received emails from auth0 on that email account before during setup. This means that emails usually do work, but not anymore or not for password reset?

… and now, my password is blocked (too many attempts :stuck_out_tongue: )

:wave: @kurt.sys are you trying to access your account through manage.auth0.com ? Were you able to get into your account ?

no, I’m not able to get into my account… that’s actually the problem. I’m just trying to log in, and I can’t. When I want to send a password recover email, I don’t get any mail (not in inbox, nor spam folder).

For future users experiencing this issue. You may have used a social account login (like Google) which would explain why the password reset emails will not be arriving. You will need to login with the social account (example: Log In with Google option) .

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