Logo is not shown on authorization page

After trying to login with Facebook i m prompted for authorization, which is ok. What is not ok is that logo of my app is missing on that window.

The reason for the issue is that the default logo generator will use the letters from the application name to generate a logo and the name of your application leads to the request of a logo based on the characters e- which will fail because only letters are supported.

The above is a limitation of the default logo generator, but for this particular case you should be specifying your own logo so the issue itself is not applicable. At this time, the client application logo cannot be set through the Dashboard so you’ll need to use the Management API to perform a PATCH request to the /api/v2/clients/{id}endpoint and provide a logo URI using the logo_uri property.

You can check the reference docs on how to obtain tokens to call the Management API if you haven’t done this before.

Tnx, everything is ok now