Login using username and password functionality deprecated in postman collection

:wave: @fahadmiq1 thanks for catching this! Can you let me know where you grabbed the collection from so we can fix this?

I also commented on your SO question, /oauth/token is what you should be calling.

From auth0 documentation, API overview then click to open it on postman

Great! Thank you for letting me know. The endpoint I believe is being deprecated, simply delayed a little bit longer. Once it is, I can work on getting that updated.

Were you able to login using the other endpoint? Please let me know if you need further help or notice any other cases.

Thank you mam for your quick response. Some endpoints from oauth/v2 (oauth management API) also not working like get any specific user information endpoint not opening.

can you please guide me about other endpoints which we can use to LogIn by giving username and password in postman and get id_token

@fahadmiq1 in the postman collection you have this option:

Get Access Token > [POST] Resource Owner Password.

That said this is not the only way to implement a flow that takes un/pwd. Alternative we have this flow as well that is very similar to Resource Owner Password, but allows you to specify a realm or directory.


Lastly, depending your use case we also support Cross Origin Authentication. This is not in the Postman collection, but it is how Lock and Auth0.js implement login when you host the login page in your own application. I’ll add this for completeness.