Login endpoint based on username / password without using universal login


I would like to know if there is an endpoint to login with username and password without using universal login?

I see that I can use the Auth0.js library, but I would like to use an endpoint from either the Management API or the Authentication API, only passing the username and password and returning its access_token could you please tell me which endpoint I can use?

I also see that I can generate a token with username and password using ‘Resource Owner Password’, but using this would tell auth0 that the user is logged in?

For example, I see there is an endpoint for logout Authentication API Explorer, so there is a similar endpoint for login?

Thanks for your help!

Wow, 7 days and without help how can I recommend auth0 if I see that the community help is lousy

Hey there @omar.camacho, I apologize for the delayed response! We try our best here to get back to as many users as possible :slight_smile:

You will need to use the Authentication API to perform a resource owner password grant (ROPG).

The user will be “authenticated” but not necessarily “logged in” in the sense that no session is established at Auth0 (the authorization server).

This documentation should be useful!

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