Login sample blocks on login screen, yet user appears to have successfully logged in


3 or 4 weeks ago I was attempting to get the React Native login demo working on the Android emulator. I was working with support, ticket Auth0 Support Center. Work got busy so the ticket was closed and it was suggested I open a new one when work eased off. It has now eased off. For some reason I’m no longer allowed to create another ticket so here I am.

So I rerun the example and now get sent to the login screen. I can sign up a new user and they show up in the Users Dashboard.

When I try and log in as the created user I enter the details, and push the continue button but nothing appears to happen. However, if I check the users History it reports a successful login, however the app stays on the login screen.

Entering the wrong password doesn’t appear to do anything.

I’ve made zero changes to the sample app I was provided under the previous ticket, Auth0 Support Center, except to put in my clientID and domain.

Searches on Google talk about certain names only using lowercase, but the app name is as it was supplied to me, Auth0Sample, and I haven’t touched anything else.

Suggestions on what I can do to get more info to debug this, or a simple statement on what stupid thing I’ve done would be appreciated.