Login with React Native app

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I have a React native app and followed the instructions of here, Auth0 React Native SDK Quickstarts: Add Login to your React Native App

I got a page with a Login and Logout button and the name of the user. The first time I opened it I saw there was no user logged in so I pressed the Login button. I was redirected to the universal login screen and I logged in. Then I was redirected to an empty page and nothing happened.

Everytime now I open the app I am not loggegd in and I only see the empty page when I try to login, the universal login screen is not showed anymore (maybe because I am still logged in?). When I try to logout I get an error, “There could be a misconfiguration or a service outage”. I think it is an misconfiguration but what am I doing wrong?

I would also prefer to not use the redirect to the universal login screen but make it more native that the users enter their email and password in my app and I get an token with a cURL request or something, is this also possible?

Solved this, my example gave me the settings for the us domain but I was trying to login on the eu domain…

Next problem I had was the logout that wasn’t working. In the end I found the problem in the log.

The “returnTo” querystring parameter “com.cilifecycleapp.auth0://domain.eu.auth0.com/android/com.cilifecycleapp/callback” is not defined as a valid URL in “Allowed Logout URLs”. To add a new URL, please do it here: https://manage.auth0.com/#/applications/8PCr2Hf$d312frZrK2dGuw9yirwR4w9K/settings

So I also had to define the allowed logout URL, I was already thinking about that but the doc/example only mentions something about the callback URL I have to define, not the logout URL. I already tried but I tried the URL without callback. I think the docs should be updated to make this more clear, or to make it clear at all.