Login Redirect Url is unchangeable from default

My login redirect Url that I input does not appear to be making any impact on the Url that is attempted by Auth0. I’m using ASP.NET. Regardless what is passed into .WithRedirectUri(returnUrl), the HTTP request generated always has “https://localhost:7001/callback” as the redirect_uri. Provided is the HTTP request, the Login function, and the callback URL in my Auth0 App settings.

Here is the app settings Callback URL portion, couldn’t put 3 media files on original post.

I made a change that appears to have made some progress. I added a callback path to appsettings.json, but when the redirect happens, it gives the following error when redirected. If I manually enter this url (https://localhost:7001/api/users) it shows the same error, regardless if it was due to a login redirect or not. Attached is the callback route in my Controller, I assume it is configured improperly as a valid callback URL.


I’ve packed up the solution and omitted sensitive information, specifically in appsettings.json. Link is here LearningBlazor - Repack.zip - Google Drive

What am I doing wrong? I’ve been reading for hours and nothing has worked so far.