I don't understand how to redirect to a specific route after login ( diferent from window.location.origin)

Hi, I’m new with auth0 and I had a personal project where I was able to login using auth0 but it had a single route. ( localhost:300)
Now I added a landing page and I want to fire the login from the landing page and redirect the user to the map page ( localhost:300/map)
I have both urls on every list that is able to Allow urls XD
But when I try to send the string “localhost:300/map” on the AuthProvider

my app is unable to login
I have the following error:
Oops! something went wrong
Callback URL mismatch
the provided redirect_uri is not in the list of allowed callback URLs
The URL is in every place allowed – URLs is in the application settings page… so I don’t understand…
could somebody help me please :pray:

Hi @stephanie036,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Would it be possible for you to DM me your tenant name so I can take a look at your configuration?


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