Login flow doesn't work on Android 13 using flutter_auth

Hello there,
we’re experiencing an error using flutter_auth on Android version 13 (SDK level 33).
We’re able to authenticate on Android 32 and below, and on iOS, but when using a newer device with Android 13 we just get a screen with the writing “Not Found”.

For more info and a screenshot we also opened an issue on github: Login flow doesn't work on Android API 33 · Issue #190 · auth0/auth0-flutter · GitHub

There were some changes in API 33 regarding , which the library uses to launch the webflow, but the package only targets API 31. Can it just be

Is anyone getting the same? Is anyone using the flutter_auth package at all?

Hey there @KirkBushman!

Thanks for filing an issue against the SDK in Github - I just tested this using the sample app on a physical device (Pixel 5a API 33) and Emulator (Pixel 6 API 33) and wasn’t able to reproduce.

At what point do you get “not found”? Does universal login widget show up at all? What are you using for your scheme? I am using the custom scheme demo - I know there have been some issues using https in the past.

Keep us posted!

Hey @tyf, thanks for replying back!

The first time we are running the function _auth0.webAuthentication().login() we get to put in our credentials, once we press the login button we just see the white screen “not found”. If we try again it goes directly to the white screen “not found”.

We are able to clear the cache of both the app and the browser to trigger back the credentials UI.

The webview is showing in all cases, so no problem there. We only have this problem on both devices and emulators starting from API 33, anything below works fine. We’re trying on the standard emulator, latest version.

We’re using https as our schema, we also tried demo as it was mentioned on a similar issue in this blog, but we see the same problem.

Hey folks,

I’m having the same issue here. Any updates? :crying_cat_face:

I am also having the same issue, both using the sample app and trying to use the sdk in my own app.

Using emulator Pixel 6 Pro API 33.

The sample app does however work using:

Emulator Pixel 6 API 32

for future reference: using demo as the schema fixes the issue

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Hey @KirkBushman thanks for following up on this!

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