Not Found Auth0 Flutter

Hi guys,

I done Auth0 on my Swift App and I’m trying to implement it to my flutter app.
So when I follow the quickstart, I used the https scheme and it shows “Not found” when I login, in plain text (i’m using login with google if that is important).

I looked a lot of different questions asking this and they said that you have to set a custom scheme, then it works.

So I added a custom scheme, like this:

await auth0.webAuthentication(scheme: 'demo').login();

So I think I am missing something, because when you use a custom scheme, the browser popup gives a error that the scheme is not valid. This is a browser thing, not the auth0 thing.

I think that I am missing something important that I neglected, can someone explain how this works and how I make the custom URL scheme valid?

Oh, one thing I forgot to do:


manifestPlaceholders += [auth0Domain: "<domain>", auth0Scheme: "demo"]

This fixed it!

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