Logging out of Google entirely using Ionic

Normally, when you log out of a website, you have the option to log in as a different user, however, our system keeps getting back to the point where the user can click their google account name, and it logs in directly.

but there is no way to switch users!

Myself and my lead developer are at a loss. Does anyone have any experience with this?



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I’m experiencing the same thing now.

Previously, making sure that we were logging out, passing the ‘federated’ query param seemed to work, but that has since stopped working. Have you noticed that as well?

I write in Swift for iOS, so that looked like:

let handler: (Bool) -> Void = ...
Auth0.webAuth().clearSession(federated: true, callback: handler)

…and would hit: /v2/logout?federated

Reiterating: this used to work, but no longer works.


i.e. The first time the user attempts to sign in using Google, the web page loads, then they need to choose an account (if they have multiple signed in), and then complete sign-in.

The second time they attempt to, the webpage loads, but then instantly dismisses.

Previously, calling v2/logout?federated seemed to make it so that, the second time, the user could log in as someone else, and complete a new sign-in cycle (just like the first time), but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

If I go into the device’s settings and clear the Browser Data & History, that seems to resolve the issue, if that helps with solving this issue in any way.