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Auto Logging Me In

I’m using the PHP SDK and all the code is working - so far so good!.
I logged in with a Google account - which worked, so then I thought I’d try to sign in with using an email address and password - which also worked.

Now when I click on my login link I get auto logged in using the email address and password I last registered with. I was expecting to see the Auth0 login screen, which would then allow me to switch to another account.

When logging out I use $auth0->logout() and I’ve checked there nothing left in the session.

How can I disable this feature - is seems like a bit of a security issue as on a shared computer all someone needs to do is click on the login link.

Hello @auth02,

Make sure you are completing all the steps required to fully log the user out. In particular, you need to log out of any social providers, like Google.

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