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Log out doesn't work and automatically sign in


Hello guys… I am having an issue with the logout part of the app… I am using Google App with Auth0 lock, the login section is right, but when I try to logout I am following the docs but it’s not working, when I redirect here https://YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN/v2/logout I have an OK response, but when I try to login again I automatically enter to the application.
My case is almost the same than this Log out now unusually auto logging back in

I am using react 16.32 and auth0-lock: 11.6.1


I was dealing with something like this today on a new tenant (our old ones were still functioning) and I had one issue where things were fixed by updating my SDK and another by fixing the actual which apparently was not in the original implementation.

The strangest issue is that I was building out new tenants just a couple weeks ago and didn’t have this issue, but the one added this week did. I think things are behaving slightly more SSO-like now, which is fine for me, but wasn’t exactly part of my implementation.