Auth0 Logout also logs me out of Google

Hi, I’ve searched and the only similar thing I can find is saying to ensure you don’t have ‘?federated’ at the end of the logout URI - which I do not.

Whenever I log out of my web application, having logged in with Google, it logs me out of Google also.
I call:
This is a node.js / express route which clears my session in the app and then returns a 302 redirect to:
As you can see, no ‘federated’!
Instead of returning me to my app, Auth0 then sends me a 302 redirect to:

The log file in my dashboard doesn’t help me much:
“date”: “2020-07-12T11:10:48.202Z”,
“type”: “slo”,
“description”: “Redirected to IdP”,
“connection”: “google-oauth2”,
“connection_id”: “redacted”,
“client_id”: “redacted”,
“client_name”: “redacted”,
“ip”: “redacted”,
“user_agent”: “Chrome 83.0.4103 / Mac OS X 10.15.5”,
“details”: {
“return_to”: “hxxps://”,
“allowed_logout_url”: [
“session_id”: “redacted”
“hostname”: “”,
“user_id”: “google-oauth2|redacted”,
“user_name”: “”,
“log_id”: “90020200712111048624000636608013511563534887935543345170”,
“_id”: “90020200712111048624000636608013511563534887935543345170”,
“isMobile”: false

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Or have I tripped over something weird?



PS Obviously ‘hxxps’, ‘mydomain’, ‘mytenant’ and ‘redacted’ aren’t what I really see!

Hi @mahood73, that’s definitely not expected. One potential issue could be that you are using Can you try instead? (note the /v2 part)

Side note: noticed that you have client_id=secret in the URL. The value of that param should be the client ID and not the secret.

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Let us know if what Thameera suggested solved your struggle!


thank you - that did indeed solve the problem! I think I got the URL I was using from the node.js quickstart, but I see in the API docs that it should contain ‘v2’.

And yes, my client_id is not ‘secret’, I am sending the right value, I just hid it for the post.

Thank you again!


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No worries! We’re here for you!

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