Redirect user to /v2/logout without "federated" query string logs user out of identity provider

When users want to log out of my application, I want to end their session and log them out of Auth0, then finally, redirect back to my app’s login page.

The log out is achieved by redirecting the user to (as described in https://AUTH0_DOMAIN/logout?client_id=AUTH0_CLIENT_ID&returnTo=LOGIN_URL

However, if they are signed in via a social login (Google OAuth2), when the user goes to the redirect, it seems they get logged out of all their Google accounts as well. Logging the users out of Google can be a huge pain for them - I was under the impression that this should only happen when the URL has the query string?federated. Is this expected behavior with Google OAuth2? How do I just log a user out of the Auth0 session, but not log them out of their Google accounts?


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Hi @julienc,

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It looks like you might be missing the /v2/ in the /v2/logout endpoint.

I highly recommend our SDKs if you haven’t checked them out.

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