Redirect to custom logout page after federated logout

A user logged-in to Auth0 using their Azure Active Directory account when using federated log out should be taken to a custom logout page with a query string parameter for a button click action on the logout page. Clicking the button should take them to that URL.

The current implementation uses the federated query string parameter, followed by a simplified returnTo without any query string parameters:


It performs the Auth0 logout and then hands it over to the Idp which finishes the process at location:<azure_ad>

Auth0 documentation used to implement the federated logout:
Redirect Users with Alternative Logout (
Use the OIDC Endpoint to Log Users Out of Auth0

None of them helped produce the desired result. Thank you.

Referring to Use the OIDC Endpoint to Log Users Out of Auth0 documentation and using the post_logout_redirect_uri parameter helped achieve the redirect.

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