Logging events from lock to native logger

We are using universal logging in passwordless mode.
We would like to log the on.events to our native logger - using a bridge.
Is there a way using the Aut0 SDK to bridge in a native callback from mobile?


Hey there @yoni.davidson!

Let me chase that for you. Not sure as of now but let me research that. Can I ask you one more question before I proceed, what you mean saying native logger?

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We run this login in our native Android and IOS app.
We have HEAP analytics integrated to it.
We would like to use the same analytics “logger” so that will require us sending a callback over the bridge and call it from the web.
For that we need to understand how to pass bridge.

Got it! Thanks. Let me research that and get back to you soon!

Thanks - this will be very helpfull

No worries! We’re here for you!

Hey there!

I was told that unfortunately it won’t be possible as it’s not working as an API however maybe you will find our Logs feature useful:

OK Thanks, this is not very helpful.

I didn’t want to lie to you but provide accurate information so that you don’t waste your time :slight_smile: