New Universal Login event hooks


We are currently migrating to the New Universal Login Experience from the classic one.

When using the classic experience, we were able to utilize the lock.js library in order to track certain events in the login/signup flow. For example, using lock.js, we would subscribe to certain events in the signup lifecycle and then propagate these events to our analytics service:

lock.on("signin submit", function () {
  analyticsLibrary.track('identity sign in submitted', {}, {
    context: {
        origin: 'identity',

With the new universal login experience, is there any support for this kind of integration? Does the new experience expose anything that we can hook into to track what a user is doing inside of the login/signup pages?


Never mind, looks like we can recreate this functionality with this: Auth0 Actions

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Hey there @dsc - Sorry no one got back to you on this one :confused: You nailed it though, Actions are the way to go moving forward.

Thanks for following up!

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