Lock - iOS (Swift) offline crash

I use Lock in both my iOS and Android apps for auth and things are okay in online mode.

But when i disable my network connection and run the app:

Android => When the app is run in offline mode, a “retry page” is shown instead of the login page.

iOS (swift) => When the app is run in offline mode, it crashes.

Is there any param from the dash i should activate ?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


SLocalizedDescription=The Internet connection appears to be offline.} (CDNLoaderInteractor.swift:41)
fatal error: Something went wrong.
Please contact technical support.: file /.../Lock.swift/Lock/ConnectionLoadingPresenter.swift, line 44
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This is an assertion for developers will only happen in DEBUG, in PRODUCTION you will see the soft error for the end user with the Retry Page.

Indeed !
It works in release mode.